Tra Lala

Tra Lala? This is our boss, baby! Boss of the ... Everything?

What they say about Tra is: "omgitreallyworks" and "Iwantmore". She really is the thing. For everything. If this were a classic product advertisement, we would start with something with flair. We would build nice and smooth sentences like:

- "If you are looking for reliability..."

- "And when you feel the touch of unimaginable cleanliness..."

- "Consult a doctor or pharmacist"

...but since this is not a classic advertisement, we will put it simply and bluntly: She’s awesome. She rocks. She's worth every bit of it!

A fancy boss

We like nice things. Nice dresses, nice sums, nice flowers. Why then should a bottle in your kitchen look scary? Do we really have to pour everything into bottles that are less ugly? No, we don't! This one is pretty. And it has the image of Tra Lala on it. And her pigtails. What more would you like? Take her and keep her in a visible place. She likes to shine.


Dance with me one more time...

There is a rumour going around that even Hollywood stars love dancing with the mop. That they do it regularly, compare their biceps, it’s a new fad. Who is behind all this? Flooreen, of course. Thanks to her, cleaning is cool, fun and classy. Just look at her! Isn't she trendy?

Certified floor

Great things happen on the floor. It’s a perfect place to stretch on, rub Plasticine into, relax at during a party or cool your cheek at the door when it's 30+ degrees Celsius outside. That's why it's good when it's not... you know... contaminated. Flooreen has a 100% natural composition. And the effect? Obvious! So why choose other solutions?

Al Fattino

Al Fattino: the man for dirty work

There are places where only the bravest venture. The heroes of their homes and bathrooms, and sometimes someone else’s bathrooms too. They are not afraid of dark corners, the backs of sinks, toilets and the edges of bathtubs. They are not afraid of the monstrosities hidden there. They will face all challenges. And why are they not afraid? Because Al Fattino is there to support them. With him, they fear nothing!

Because everyone likes to be clean after a bath

For some it is Leon the Professional, for others it is Al Fattino - actually, it makes no difference. This line, this color, this chic! Top cleaner is a top cleaner! And inside there’s magic you can use for a good cause. No sulphates, SLS, SLES, PEG, formaldehyde and all that crap you usually get from others. Remember, you have a better option: classy, natural and good. Just choose the right man for the job!

Piggy Maid

Time for Kitchen Evolutions!

You can revolutionise your kitchen. And this time it is not about a redecoration worth millions of pennies, a new miracle diet, which will deprive you of kilos and remnants of dignity as well, but a simple personnel change. Swap the classic cleaning agent full of bad chemicals for Piggy Maid. Stop washing with chlorine in a not-so-nice package! Instead choose a cute piglet that is kind to allergy sufferers, vegans and eco-freaks. To everyone!

Think about healthy food...

...for which you’ve paid a lot and then put it on the counter. In your kitchen. The kitchen that you had cleaned before with all those things you wouldn’t want to eat even for the EuroJackpot jackpot. It is sabotage, ladies and gentlemen! Instead choose eco, free, fun and with panache. Choose Piggy Maid. And you can put, slice, chop and prepare on that counter. And even eat right from it!

Take without asking;) Take Piggy Maid! Come on, take her!

And get rid of that fat... in the kitchen;)


Nobody can match him.

We do not know if it is a matter of his undeniable personal charm, cool wool or the power of persuasion (just wait to see these cloven hooves in action!) but dirty dishes have a great respect for him. And he can show them who’s in charge and get them clean!

His other virtues are a nice bottle and impressive content. He can wash everything: a coffee cup and a pot that was left on the burner for so long that the food turned black on its walls and... blah! When you choose Disheep, you do not inhale the fumes, you do not put bleach on your hands, you do not look at your watch trying to speed up its hands – your hands. You do the washing-up clean and fast, and then get to enjoy better things.


Get over dirty mirrors with Teddover

Teddover drinks a lot of mead. Even alone, in front of a mirror. And since he also likes to talk after a few drinks. even to his mirror reflection (it’s nice to talk to somebody nice, isn’t it?), the mirror must always be clean. He does not tolerate any smudges or stains. That’s why a few sprays of Teddover and a few wipes are enough for the mirror to reflect even the deepest recesses of your soul. And it looks nice too. Remember, with Teddover you get over the problem of dirty mirrors!

Because mirrors are liked... be touched with greasy fingers, smeared with a dog's nose, licked, kissed etc. Mirrors may like it too, but they do not come out of these situations unscathed. Unfortunately, it is impossible to prevent it, since it's hard to have high voltage running through a mirror. And since the situation repeats itself... you'd better clean the mirror with something nice. No fumes from SLS, sulphates etc. You neither want nor need them in your home.

That’s the way you do it, in Poland, near Warsaw: