Dishwashing liquid

Disheep is our shooting star.
Always gets a clean shot.

Washing dishes is like the Moon: it has its dark side. And no, we’re not talking about things dry, dirty and smelly. Agatha Christie, when asked where she got inspiration for her detective novels, replied that the best ideas came to her while washing the dishes, because it is an activity so stupid that the thought of murder comes to mind easily. If you understand Agatha, know that we understand you too. But if there had been already dishwashers in her day, she probably wouldn’t have written such great books, right? You see, everything has a purpose!

So, no matter what the reason for washing the dishes by hand – the pot is too big to fit in the dishwasher, you like having your nail polish scratched off, or you want to get inspiration for a detective novel – we’re on your side. More! We’ll provide assistance. And not just any, but the best: our Disheep.

Disheep is a sheep that, like Robin Hood, Frodo and Puss in Boots, will help you carry out your mission and win every sink battle. With him, washing a mountain of dishes is like hunting down crocs in your size on discount sales.
Pure happiness!

And he is vegan, organic and good for allergy sufferers. [ get to know him better! ]
With him you can wash anything away. Dried egg, problems of yesterday and your sins.


Isn’t he cute?

Beautiful, yellow like smoker’s teeth packaging and the shape that looks attractive both in the kitchen and on Instagram. Rumour has it that some people even carry him in a bag, next to Chanel lipstick or Boss perfume. And we respect that.


Good, but not drinkable

Composition [inhale]: vegan, hypoallergenic, safe for the environment, 100% organic, effective and efficient [exhale]. Really cool! You do not need gloves to use Disheep, he’s as delicate as wool!


Who is Mr Mendeleev?

We have great news for those who treat washing up as a meditation: we are glad to inform you that Disheep provides perfectly clean atmosphere for deep breathing. If you want to avoid vapours of dangerous chemicals such as SLES, SLS, NTA, EDTA, PEG, chlorides, phosphates, sulphates, formaldehydes, borates, sodium benzoates, etc. (yuck!) while washing up, use Disheep!

Sheep live in a flock, so get Disheep some company: a fancy sponge, a pin-up girl apron etc.  This will give the washing-up a totally new quality. You can even sing along – a selection of the best pieces for washing-up can be found here. With all that you probably won’t be thinking about murder while washing-up;) You know you can always count on us!

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Shipment within 24h

Let it in, and FACE IT

Feel it

Check it out

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