Tra Lala

Almighty Cleaning Agent

Tra is the name. Lala is the surname.
And Boss of Bosses is her nickname, a mark of her character and her hallmark.

If something is good for everything, it is good for nothing? Just don’t say this to Tra, because she’s ready to make a witty comeback, hurl insults or even whip her pigtails. One thing is crystal clear: she is definitely not a chick to mess with. She will defeat everything: dust, dried-up stains of UnidentiFiedOrigin, mites and everything else, maybe except nuclear waste!… Though she may give it a try!

Tra Lala is ideal for cleaning waterproof items. She loves to stroke MDF furniture, but she’ll also caress countertops, floors and tiles. She has a number of virtues, that’s why she’s called almighty, though she prefers exceptional, one-of-a-kind and contentious. If you let her do her job, you’ll see she’s all that and more!

You need her when you don’t have time, desire or knowledge to choose ten different detergents for every space at home, some of which you may not even be aware of – you are no perfect housewife, right? If you don’t want to buy the entire ZAA-ZOO-LAA team (really? why not?), you’re looking for something smart, fancy and cool, choose her. She’s all you need. She’s like wet wipes, Superglue and aspirin. The ultimate all-rounder. Fits into every bag. At your service, anytime. Just like that.

She’s also vegan, natural and good for allergy sufferers. She even had a thing with one! ;)


She loves action

Tra Lala is not an object that dust settles on, for which you will have to search a use with effort, like a thing you keep in a cupboard in the event of an apocalypse, a zombie raid or a global pandemic. You can wash almost everything with her and that’s why she’ll be useful even if you clean up only in extreme situations. Always on the move, never in retreat!


She’s a flirt

There are spoiled women, evil ones, women who pick up married and unmarried guys. But Tra Lala… well, it’s not enough to say she’s no exception. A redhead, or an allergy sufferer, or an eco-freak, or even a vegan – all are welcome, it makes no difference to her!


She looks incredible

Neither pink nor orange, someone said once, and now we agree that this is one of those compliments that stay with us forever. This colour, this bottle, this look. We know that we would have won an Oscar for this project, but we haven’t applied. We’ll do next time, that’s a promise! But you can admire her. Why wouldn’t you? We’re not surprised at all!


She’s handy

Small is beautiful, ladies and gentlemen. And although a tax collector, a plastic surgeon or a naked guy in front of a mirror won’t tell you that, we know that’s true. At least for Tra Lala. When you take her in your hands and see how she feels, how she lies, stands, and looks, you won’t get enough of this precious handy little lady! My precious!

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