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Flooreen? She loves wild dance. With a mop, of course!

We at ZAA-ZOO-LAA believe that any activity may be good fun. Okay, almost any. Let’s take floor cleaning. It’s great training, it’s Dancing with the Stars, it’s howling at the moon: “Now, I’ve had the time of my life…”, this is a way to relax, it’s a mantra, it’s looking with a benevolent smile at your child licking panels without absorbing millions of microorganisms per second. It all depends on how you look at it! Complaining is now passé, affirmation is fashionable, so go and hit the floor!… with Flooreen, of course.

If you want a better, positive approach, just look at Flooreen. And invite her to your place. Absolutely! This aristocrat loves spacious living rooms so much that when she stopped being an aristocrat (it’s a long story, supposedly she did not like Mendeleev …), she still could not break away from these lounges. And she did not break away. Her life changed radically when she bought the perfect mop with dashing looks and an attractive price which accompanies her almost every day. Together they will make every floor a pleasure to look at and walk on. That’s it. Sweep away, please. And mop away too, Ladies and Gentlemen!

Bridget wrote in her diary that in order to behave like a lady, you have to feel like you are being watched all the time – even at home. And we tell you: forget it! You don’t need an audience or applause to dance with a mop.

It is a talent show of dancing, vocal and other skills for a select few as your audience: a chest of drawers, mirrors and maybe also a neighbour from the opposite block who has the time of his life watching you.


Flooreen, Flooreen, aren’t you the Queen?

Of course you are! Especially for allergy sufferers, vegans and (eco)logically minded people who want to clean floors with products that do not shimmer with all the colours of the rainbow.


Spares time, pain and effort!

When you use Flooreen, you don’t remember that mopping is hurting your back, the salty taste of your sweat and rubbing off stains whose origin you don’t even want to guess. It’s a pleasure with Flooreen. Why? Simply because it goes s o  m u c h faster.


Bad for dirt, good for you

Flooreen has contempt for dirt, but not for your lungs, skin and feet, it’s quite the opposite. After mopping, there are no chemical vapours rising from the floors that might get into your lungs. Instead, the floors are so clean and chemical-free that your children can lick them safely.


What a feeling!

With Flooreen in one hand and a mop in the other, and a vacuum cleaner in the third, you will feel like the Perfect Housewife. And when during all that floor gymnastics you feel pain in your back – even like a retired Perfect Housewife. And this is certainly an unforgettable feeling.


No surface too large

Flooreen is not afraid of the dance halls of Versailles, or the bathrooms in the housing estate in Sometown, nor a ton of dust in a storage room in Anyvillage. You don’t need to poor half a bottle to wash and rewash again. You also don’t need to polish, rub, and scrub with your fingernails. That’s a relief, right? Sure it is. And no, you don’t have to thank us. And yes, we also wear hybrid nail polish.

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